weekend w/cass

She arrived with her mama on Thursday. This weekend’s been reserved on the calendar for a long time with the plan to let us enjoy grandkid #3 for a couple of days while her parents celebrate their 5th anniversary “doing” Willamette Valley wine country with two other couples from Denver. Cassidy’s visit coincides with a visit from Rachel and John (our Phillie “kids”) and we enjoyed a meal together on Thursday night with all the Macy offspring and their spouses. (I didn’t get a good picture of them that night, so I’ll post one later.)

Cass will be four in a couple of weeks. She’s at such a fun age and we have fit a lot of adventures in these few days together. I’ve especially enjoyed taking her places in the Jeep because it is so old it doesn’t have airbags and she can ride in the front seat. It was interesting explaining to her how you turn a crank to open and close the windows. Last night we did quite a bit of socializing at the local coffee/book shop where her Gum (Mauri) played four sets with NFC Brass and NFC FourTrombones while she sipped her strawberry Italian soda and told people about meeting Clifford (the big red dog) at Mud Puddles earlier that day. Even more fun was when Gum dedicated one of the tunes to his granddaughter Cassidy because it was the first song he ever heard her sing—”Take Me Out to the Ballgame” (the Anderson family are faithful Rockies fans).


We’ll turn her back over to her parents tomorrow afternoon. They’ll head back to their lives and we’ll head back to ours. And we’ll all be the richer for the experiences we enjoyed this weekend.

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  1. Alan says:

    Being able to “share” kids with relatives, especially grandparents, is a wonderful thing for everyone. Parents get either time together without little ones for a while. Grandparents get time with the little bundles of energy. The kids get (somewhat) spoiled… It is good.

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