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I’ve read several “meme” posts but haven’t found the word defined anywhere (I need a blog lingo dictionary), so I’ll take a stab at it: When you’re “tagged” you’re supposed to post a bunch of stuff about yourself, as in … Continue reading

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all day long

Our youngest, John, reached his 30s yesterday. We were included in a celebration last Saturday in John and Erin’s backyard, where I took these pictures: Today John’s grandma Edna and I ate lunch together at the local coffee shop. She … Continue reading

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full of hot air

Look what we did today, one of us in the air and one of us on the ground. Actually, the “we” includes three others—our friends Deborah, Donna, and Steve. The weather was perfect for a balloon ride and we got … Continue reading

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another first

Last week my coworker walked into my office with a little map she had drawn showing “Nana’s house,” “Beth’s apartment,” and the spot her other daughter would soon be moving. She said, “You’re gonna hate me,” as she showed me … Continue reading

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how to pick a peach

Son Pete takes some good-natured ribbing for his interest in fruits and vegetables. When he shops, he picks a Monday peach, a Tuesday banana, etc. based on when it will reach its ripeness perfection. When Mauri found a book titled, … Continue reading

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links – part four

It’s been a while since I posted some cool links, and a batch is collecting in a file just waiting for this moment. Where to begin…? • We’ll start with a little comic relief, just to get us going. However, … Continue reading

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we both lost weight today

Yesterday we hauled all the collected stuff down from the attics (yes, we have two) and set up the tables, some makeshift, and spread it out. This morning we got up early and organized it and priced it. At 9 … Continue reading

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