warning! — another proud grandma post

Today the pictures arrived to go with the words, so I just have to post these.

Quinn writes: “I love Camp Timberline, did you know this? Lots of details to share when we see you but a specific wonderful thing happened today that can’t wait. At the end of closing ceremonies two people are honored. One boy and one girl. (They actually do have a runner-up too.) It’s the “Be Like Christ Award” and it’s given to the boy and the girl who the counselors think are most Christ-like. All the counselors get together and decide who gets this award. Well, yes – our very own Bailey Anderson was presented with the award this year. In a group of 200+ kids, 7-13 year olds, Bailey’s name was called as the one boy the counselors thought was most like Christ. Not that either one of us was surprised; we know the kid and he’s incredible. But to think that in a week the counselors all saw it too makes us so jazzed and so grateful we can hardly stand it. What more could you want in your kid? I can’t think of a thing. So needless to say, it’s been a day. We couldn’t be more proud of our children. Marissa is more marvelous than words can say – I just needed to tell you the Bailey story tonight. Holy cow, mom.”

And here he is with his counselors.

Quinn wrote this about Marissa, who attended the same camp but with a different chosen sport: “Marissa was being presented with her cabin award. The character qualities they recognized in her were encouragement and friendliness. (Have I mentioned this is an amazing camp?)”

Here’s our Marissa.

Thanks for indulging this grandma once again.

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