easter highlights

We just returned from Denver following a stretch weekend filled with highlights. I’ll try to distill my enthusiasm and “bullet” only a few.

• The 3 grands — The older two attend a Christian school and Good Friday was a day off school. A bonus! Friday is always pizza-and-a-movie night. We watched “Happy Feet” on the wall.

Valor Christian High School — Just being built. We attended its first open house and observed the raising of the chapel tower, visible from miles around. The best part: picturing Bailey as a high schooler playing basketball in what is now only a shell of a gymnasium.

• Two church services — one at Cherry Hills Community Church on Thursday night to focus on the sacrifice of God’s Son to offer us freedom both here and in the hereafter; the other at Coors Amphitheater on Easter Sunday morning, an annual CHCC tradition made especially memorable by the fact that it was below freezing and snowing.
null Attendance was obviously and unfortunately affected by the weather, but we celebrated Christ’s resurrection with exuberance. Later we learned we made the news. Here’s my favorite story, though Mauri and I were pictured on a different channel.

• “He is risen!” — Quinn or I usually fax these words to the other on Easter Sunday morning and the other responds with “He is risen indeed!” This year we could do it in person!

• Quinn’s cooking and hosting — She put on an Easter feast, with no fewer than six appetizers. She also managed to fit in some family traditions, such as Aunt Jemima Coffee Cake Easter morning null
and Chef Boyardee pizza with added cheese, hot dogs, and pepperoni.
nullThanks, Q.

Pei Wei — The Andersons understand our love for this fast-food version of P.F. Chang’s, so any time we’re in town they make sure we get our Pei Wei fix. Let’s see, we were in Denver five days and managed to find our way to Pei Wei three times. That must be some kind of record.

• Taylor! — He attended the services with us and hung out much of the weekend too.

• Egg hunt — Saturday was egg day. We dyed and decorated some, then hid 110 plastic eggs filled with candy and coins all over the house. The three hunters managed to find them all, some more easily than others because OT (Uncle Taylor) couldn’t resist pointing with finger and eyes.

• Cassidy’s marble bowl — Two in for a “can do” attitude; one out for an “I can’t” attitude. We saw them go in and out throughout our visit, but I think the bowl was fuller when we left than when we arrived. A full bowl = choosing a toy at Target.

• The Andersons’ 9-month-old Spanish water dog, named for their favorite team (see Bailey’s shirt, above). While we were there he went from looking like this null
to looking like this
to looking like this! null
(You’ll notice nearly all the snow was melted by Monday.) He’ll eventually grow another coat. Duke has a delightful personality and Mauri especially enjoyed making friends with him.

How’d I do? Just a few highlights to let you see how much we enjoyed being with our Denver family this year.

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2 Responses to easter highlights

  1. Joy says:

    Isn’t that high school something? It’s huge! We passed it on Sunday on our way to Ryan’s family’s house for Easter dinner….His aunt and uncle live about a mile from there. Who knows? We believe in Christian education….Maybe in 10 years, Ryley and Cassidy will be classmates. 🙂

    That’s great that you went to Coors for the Easter service….We were appalled by the attitudes of some of the Denver news people on Sunday morning who were so surprised that the weather wasn’t keeping everybody home. They just don’t get it! 🙂

    Happy Belated Easter!!

  2. Alan says:

    That is NOT the same dog! Really? It is? That’s a transformation and a half.

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