show ‘n’ tell

Today we hosted our monthly family dinner. By “our” I mean the local Macys, anyone with the last name Williams or McIndoo, and anyone visiting. We enjoy close company around two tables squeezed into our living/dining room. It’s a potluck and in my email reminders I include the food category assignment and ask everyone to remember to bring their one-minute show ‘n’ tell. Today I showed the two journals I made and told a Cassidy story that Quinn had just e-mailed me this morning. Here it is: “We were having dinner the other night and Cass started to tell us all (dramatically, mind you) that Easter is not only about chocolates and bunnies. Dusty, Bailey, Marissa, and I were waiting with baited breath, thinking she was going to floor us with the Easter message. Cass paused and said, ‘It’s also about T-shirts!'”

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  1. Deborah Johansen says:

    Hi guys…always fun to hear your reports and see your pictures. I am not a computer person and don’t do much emailing as a rule so have never responded to any of your posts. But I should and will try to in the future. I appreciate your focus on family and how important traditions and being together are to you all. You are a lucky family!

    Love you both,


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