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a laugh a day…

I got stopped for speeding the other day. I thought I could talk my way out of it until the cop looked at my dog in the backseat.

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m-m-m good

All you guitar enthusiasts will appreciate who we heard tonight. He was fabulous!

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links—part one

I understand blogs began for the purpose of sharing links. Some blogs I visit fulfill this purpose so I decided to fulfill this blog’s purpose and share a few with you. Ready? Mauri sent me this story. Graphic, huh? I … Continue reading

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we clean up pretty good

It took a family wedding to get us to dress up. Keep in mind: We live in the Northwest. If we lived in the South, these might be our gardening duds. Congratulations, Craig and Wendy!

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easter highlights

We just returned from Denver following a stretch weekend filled with highlights. I’ll try to distill my enthusiasm and “bullet” only a few. • The 3 grands — The older two attend a Christian school and Good Friday was a … Continue reading

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show ‘n’ tell

Today we hosted our monthly family dinner. By “our” I mean the local Macys, anyone with the last name Williams or McIndoo, and anyone visiting. We enjoy close company around two tables squeezed into our living/dining room. It’s a potluck … Continue reading

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