two treats

I have two treats for you! First, a picture I chose from a Macy family photo album. You see four of the five “Amazing Macys,” a name they kiddingly dubbed themselves.
The kids would often sing at concerts given by Mauri and Margaret-Rose. Their young voices are forever archived in a recording titled “Affirmations.”

Now for the other treat. Click here to hear a song that Mauri recorded last week as part of his role in the Center for Personal Growth In Christ retreats at Twin Rocks Friends Camp.

And the reason I combine these two treats: Mauri and Rachel used to sing this song together when she was a little girl. They also sang it 12.5 years ago at our wedding reception.
And now, thanks to the Internet, Rachel can sing it with her pop while she sits at her computer in Philadelphia.

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1 Response to two treats

  1. Craig MacDonald says:

    What a great first sound to hear on my Saturday! (aside from Pam’s snoring, of course)
    Can we get duets?

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