A year ago I had good reason to start wondering about my own grooming habits. I hadn’t been aware of any shortcomings in that area until five people gave me bar soap as Christmas gifts. And I live with one of those people! But since I’m reasonably fastidious I decided to chalk it up to coincidence and not sweat it too much. I’m relieved and happy to report that the theme for this year has changed! Only one person gave me soap and it was in the form of that wonderfully fragrant lotion soap from Bath and Body Works.

This year’s theme—flamethrowers! We opened our Christmas celebration on Friday night with dinner and stocking exchange with our local “kids”—Pete and Linsey, John and Erin. Pete brought one of his specialties, créme brulée, for dessert. The top of créme brulée is created with specialized sugar, melted and hardened with a culinary torch. Pete brought his own torch so we could all experience the finishing touch together. After dinner I discovered that my dear man had heard my broad hint, that I’ve wanted a mini torch for a number of years now, and had one wrapped and waiting in my stocking. I could hardly wait for all the tea lights burning around the house to die out so I could light new ones with my new torch!

On Christmas morning Mauri opened a gift from Pete, and what to his wondering eyes should appear but his very own créme brulée dishes and culinary torch! In one weekend Mauri and I became a two-torch family.

Life is good.

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One Response to relieved

  1. Alan says:

    Fire, Fire, Fire!

    Sorry to hear about the soap-thing. At least you also didn’t get two sticks of deodorant, a bottle of Dr. Scholl’s Odor Destroyers Foot Deodorant Spray, and a bottle of Scope. That’d really make ya’ feel self-conscious. Especially if they weren’t on your list.

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