sorry, boss

Gregg asked all of the pastors and staff to do a time study for a week, assigning everything we do to a category. My categories were office administrator, publications, facilities, and reception/phone. He assured us this exercise would not affect our job security; our worth is already established. Beginning last Monday I faithfully wrote down everything I did throughout each day and put an X under the category I thought it fit best. The hour and a half I spent with the Canon sales rep was easy to record because the topic of discussion related to a potentially new machine in our…office. I didn’t do anything else while he sat in my office. But my work, for example, on the weekly newsletter, which would clearly fall under the publications category, was interrupted innumerable times by someone on the phone who wanted to reserve the gym for indoor soccer or a conversation with Arnie about set up for a memorial service or a paper jam in the copier or a pastor asking me to email a picture to someone or another pastor giving me the Scripture for the worship folder or… Enough already. You get the idea. My business cards should say “Sherry Macy, multitasker.”

At 5 o’clock Friday afternoon I printed out two pages of accomplishments. I had spent more than 40 hours at the office without stopping to file my nails or stare out the window. But I stared at all those Xs and had absolutely no idea how to assign the appropriate number of hours to each category. Except for the enormous amount of job satisfaction I took from looking at those two pages, my time study was a total flop.

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2 Responses to sorry, boss

  1. I’ll file this with your time sheet to remind all of us that life ain’t so simple… 🙂

  2. Wayne Chapman says:

    First, thanks for your comments for my newly found blog site. Yes the situation was just too real, but we didn’t (or still don’t) have a script writer to tell just the right thing to say.

    Secondly, to your blog, you should really try to get my wife to do the same thing and see if you can figure things out together. Bev’s day is sooo “not so simple” even I marvel and I have been married to her for a long time. To top it off we try to get people here to categorize their days all the time.

    Anyway, thanks for letting get outside my current bloging world of family and invading yours.


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