the high cost of beauty

First the nails.

Then the hair and gown.

But the reward is in the bag.

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3 Responses to the high cost of beauty

  1. Ev says:

    Precious!…and worth the high cost. She is a doll…… is her mother and grandmother.

  2. Ridge says:

    A pink princess–and such a beautiful one, too. I remember Jess’ pink princess phase. We had one pink princess come to our door to trick or treat and when I commented that she looked like a princess, she said emphatically, “I AM a princess!” Her Mom said, “she told me this was the BEST day of her life.”

  3. Brenda Mehling says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! Quinn…I miss you!!! Boy has time flown by…a 3 year old! I’d love to find out how to reach you! Love ALWAYS, Brenda

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