my “post” office

I get tired of TV as an unwinder and have taken to reading blogs on my laptop. Mauri has our house set up with wireless Internet so I can choose between several comfortable places to plop. Tonight I’m supine, knees forming a tent under the covers and serving as an angled desk for my computer. I have all of my favorite blog sites bookmarked and contained in one pull-down menu. Cousin Joy is first on my list so I start there. I’ve been following the process of her husband, Ryan’s, brain surgery and today she posted before-and-after pictures of the back of his head and neck—24 staples give him a zipped appearance. Joy also writes delightful stories about their three-year-old daughter, Ryley. This family lives in Denver but I get to observe them in this unique way. Next I choose daughter Rachel’s third-grade classroom site. She posts pictures and homework assignments and interesting tidbits. I live many miles from Philadelphia, but by visiting her blog I can stay close to her and these students she holds so dear. Next is Pete and Linsey (son/daughter-in-law). I don’t stop at their site because they use it only for posting pictures and movies. They promise to let us know when they add something new. Next is “duckfamily”—you’ll never guess what Oregon team they favor. This is a couple from our church and they are refreshingly transparent in their posts.

I sense you getting a little worried that I might actually think that you might actually be interested in every one of the blogs I visit. You have good reason to worry! I think you would be fascinated by the daily musings of my friend Craig, who taught my Sunday school class in the mid-1980s. These days I’m learning from him what it’s like to start a new life and career in Arizona. When I visit Heather, I see a whole other dimension of life on planet earth. This popular blog site never ceases to amaze or amuse me. But sometimes I have to cover my eyes—her eloquence often breaks every rule my mother taught me. Amy renamed her blog “New Normal” as she bobs to the surface following a stillbirth. I try to imagine what it was like for her to switch from posting stories of her preparation to be a stay-at-home mom to stories about her new job at Starbucks. Of course there’s no way I can imagine that except for her willingness to share what’s going on in her heart. Dan keeps his near-daily posts short and to the point. It’s almost always a thoughtful point. I confessed to him that I liked him better before I started reading his blog (because he and I are not on the same political page) but I’d be the one losing out if I let that stifle my interest in getting to know him better through what he shares. Aj has two blogs: one tells the tales of raising an especially energetic toddler; in the other she writes her thoughts about the emerging church. I tend to check the first one more often than the other.

I’m a little more talkative than usual tonight. I just couldn’t resist the chance to share some of my family and friends with you.

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  1. Joy says:

    Hey! Thanks for the plug! It’s so funny….I, too, have been a “closet fan” of Heather’s for quite some time. Funny that we both stumbled across her in this crazy blog world. 🙂

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