the doctor’s in

So here I am in Denver with the sole task of spending five days with three-year-old granddaughter Cassidy Anderson while her parents are on a business trip in Florida. Once all the necessary duties are accomplished—getting dressed, eating breakfast—the days are ours to do with as we choose. Today, besides a library/grocery outing, we passed most of our waking hours playing doctor. You know the routine…

First you call the patients to come in.

Then you check the patients in by name.

They all get saline nose drops.

Then the other doctor checks in patients.

Ten-week-old Duke waits his turn.

This has been a Saturday quite unlike most Saturdays of my life. And I can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing than pretending to take a stuffed animal’s temperature assisted by my delightful granddaughter.

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1 Response to the doctor’s in

  1. Ridge says:

    Who’s their insurance carrier? I offer a great policy with no co-pay! 🙂

    Soooo sorry we missed you this weekend. It was a quick trip (Jess says “too quick”), but the car is back to its rightful owner and hopefully will function for at least another year! Your hospitiality is so appreciated, I wish we could reciprocate. My dream is to have a “guest suite”. Alas, we offer air beds on the floor!

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