and we live here…

There’s a lot to be said for contentment. We got yet another dose of contentment this afternoon. What could be better than the combination of a free afternoon, warm and sunny weather, and a topless jeep?
So after lunch at Benihana’s Mauri suggested we take the scenic route home. I’m always up for that and was enjoying the familiar beauty of this place we call home when Mauri turned off the usual path to explore a new way to Newberg. Along the way we saw this:
Mount Hood…
and this:
Mount St. Helens and Mount Adams (barely visible in the picture but clear to our naked eyes).

And on our drive over Chehalem Mountain and down into Newberg we caught a glimpse of our valley and spoke the words we often speak: …and we live here!

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1 Response to and we live here…

  1. Han says:

    It is amazing isn’t it!?! I must say I have been having the same feeling of contentment on the other side of the mountains. =) (Although, there is just something about the valley)

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