sidewalk singing

So we’re sitting on the stoop having supper. OK, it’s the old front porch at 514 and mostly hidden by surrounding shrubs, but maybe it’s small enough to be called a stoop. Eating out there on the old wicker two-seater is kind of a stealthy way to interact with the neighborhood, and it was a wonderful evening. Several people had walked by—nobody we knew…but we called out to some anyway.

And then there was someone singing…heading south on our side of School Street. It was a light tenor voice—singing easily, and about the time we realized he was singing in Spanish there was a young woman’s voice with an answering phrase. And as they walked by tossing phrases back and forth there were several other voices, not singing, but talking and laughing in the most naturally….um, natural way. I’ll bet we could eat several suppers out there and not hear anything quite so delightful.

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