bye-bye, we’ll miss you. not.

We did it again! We carried a bunch of stuff we don’t want anymore out to the garage, put out a bunch of signs with arrows, and people came to our house in droves. Not only did they come to look at our stuff, they handed us money for it and carried it to their cars. Talk about win/win! What had become useless to us instantly became someone else’s treasure. I like thinking about the woman who took home her “new” opium pipe (the one I found in Paul’s parents’ attic), the little neighbor girls who carried a “new” chalkboard across the street, the woman who found a treasure in Mauri’s effects processor for her husband’s band, and the man who saw potential in my first digital camera that uses a floppy disk as media. All that stuff we traded now has a new life, and it’s all because we decided to release it. And our reward? $380. It’s a small price to pay for all the happiness we provided today.

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  1. Pam MacDonald says:

    We had our “estate” sale on the 12th. We sold off most of our stuff…we only want to drive a small U-Haul-type truck west. Our reward? Nearly $2800. Craig had’nt been to a garage sale before and it was quite an eyeopener for him. Just 2 more big items to sell and we’re done with it.

    Thanks for all your thoughts!

    Pam MacD

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