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a late afternoon ride

There they were, two young deer in the fenced clearing across from the mill entrance on Wynooski. They seemed to be playing and didn’t really mind my approach and rolling to a stop. But pretty soon they started to move … Continue reading

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i’m an idiot

Every spring our ancient backyard gravenstein apple tree awakens from winter in glorious blossoms. While I always enjoy its beauty, I also begrudge the inevitible mess it will cause in a few months as it drops its ripened fruit all … Continue reading

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sidewalk singing

So we’re sitting on the stoop having supper. OK, it’s the old front porch at 514 and mostly hidden by surrounding shrubs, but maybe it’s small enough to be called a stoop. Eating out there on the old wicker two-seater … Continue reading

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bye-bye, we’ll miss you. not.

We did it again! We carried a bunch of stuff we don’t want anymore out to the garage, put out a bunch of signs with arrows, and people came to our house in droves. Not only did they come to … Continue reading

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