newfane, vt

An early start from bahHAHbah and a route change were part of a plan to make it to Newfane by mid-afternoon. And we did. Our intentions were to visit Froggy Bottom Guitars. After some asking around and a gravelly drive up into the hills and a woman with a dog pointing the way, we did…we did arrive at the unassuming Froggy Bottom shop/world headquarters.

We didn’t have an appointment, but found Michael and Andy who were friendly and quietly honest about not being very welcoming to visitors. But, since we’d come all the way from Oregon…and Woods, the dog liked us, Michael spent a little time with, and got out three guitars for me to try. Two were big, JUMBOS I think…one with a cut-away and the other with some exotic (dark, hard) wood for its sides/back, and both were, uh…very nice. The other one he brought out was a custom P12, a 12-fret parlor guitar made/waiting for a young man still serving in Iraq. And what they say…”these instruments deliver a sweet, balanced tone and wide dynamic range with sparkling highs and a dramatic bass response,” is, uh…very true.
Oh, yes.

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