the local flavor

The host at our restaurant said it, he really did—Bah Hahbuh. That’s where we are—Bar Harbor, Maine, and just a few minutes ago this was my view across the table: My dear man is much braver than I and he worked on that red lobster until no edible parts remained (okay, except for that mysterious green stuff).

Today we drove the scenic route from Freeport. Of course those back roads take twice as long but we see all kinds of interesting things along the way. But we’re always glad to reach a destination and watch a little motel TV through our feet. Tomorrow we will drive up Cadillac Mountain, the highest point on the Atlantic north of Brazil. Sounds impressive, huh? Elevation: a whopping 1,500 feet! Just a little more than that bump we call Chehalem Mountain.

We’re almost at the halfway mark on our adventure and we still like each other.

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2 Responses to the local flavor

  1. Ridge says:

    To make your Maine visit truly complete you must purchase one of those cool shiny yellow slickers. I wanted one sooooo badly as a kid. But my mother, always the sensible one, said I had to have a London Fog raincoat which was a dismal shade of dark blue..yuk! To go along with it you need the matching rain hat that slopes down the back (to cover your neck, dontcha know)! Love the pics!

  2. Irene says:

    Looks yummy and rich! I was just reading about a woman cooking her way through Julia Child’s famous cookbook “Mastering the Art of French Cooking.” That green matter is a delicacy. Though I’m not sure I could stomach it either.

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