a really old Martin

Somewhere along Highway 1 north of Freeport we spotted a small guitar/luthier shop, and decided to stop.
Residing there was an old Martin. My “old” D-28S was made in 1970, this guitar in…um, 1898. Small, feather light with a slotted head…a 12-fret showing little wear with a really loud voice. Ron Pinkham, the resident luthier, didn’t really explain the first string fret zing…but the price is probably right – a mere twelve grand. (…it’s still residing somewhere north of Freeport.)
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1 Response to a really old Martin

  1. Ridge says:

    Cool! Ramblin’ Jack Elliot has a great song on one of his earlier albums where ‘s he jamming with some other guys and at the end of the recording you can hear RJE mumble….”we’re just one too many Martins”! Is that possible? I don’t think so! Enjoy your white line fever you two!

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