another crummy day in Plymouth

Not. The sky is blue and sunshine bright—and ‘word is that Albert will blow through somewhere south of here. We woke looking out at the harbor, took a walk by Mayflower II, and blew a kiss or two toward P-rock nearby. Right now we’re at baked-egg-souffle-heaven (Panera Bread)—or so it seemed, that also offers good coffee and Wi-Fi – life is, uh…good.

Yesterday included a jaunt/boat ride from Cape Cod (Hyannis) to Nantucket. (“Nang-tucket” in honor of our Kentucky rental car plates…you surely wanted to know.) Milly Lou took us (and others) around the island, sharing all manner of insights…about a home that Jack Welch used to own—but then he had some domestic troubles/had to sell it…stuff like that. She did point out one of the ancestral Macy homes (they’ve had to sell as well). We also visited a whaling museum where Macys/Quakers are prominently mentioned…I snapped pictures of anything “Macy,” …and came away sure that whaling would be right up with trucking on my mother’s “never be/do that” list.

We’re having a great road trip…and I’m glad you’re not here…uh huh.

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2 Responses to another crummy day in Plymouth

  1. Joy says:

    Yay for Panera Bread!!! It sounds like you’re having fun!

  2. Craig MacDonald says:

    I’m sitting here at Panera reading your blog and writing my own. Small world, huh?

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