an example to follow

Quinn reminds me that Bailey, Marissa, and Cassidy faithfully include me in their prayers, that God will heal my broken ankle. When I’m visiting their home, they always invite me to participate in family bedtime reading and prayer time. I witnessed the way our dear grandkids faithfully prayed for Papa (Grandpa Neil) during his cancer treatment, then celebrated the way God answered their prayers when Papa got a clean bill of health.

BethanyL brought her young daughters, Hannah and Meira, to the office for a few minutes today. When Hannah saw my cast she looked up at her mom and asked if she could pray for me. She was a little shy about it but with her mom’s encouragement Hannah came over close to me and prayed “in her heart” for my broken ankle. And as she walked toward her car, she called out to me that she would keep praying for me.

I know my grandkids pray, really pray, and I believe Hannah does too. I’m grateful for parents who know the value of prayer and pass that along to their children by example. When I say to someone, “I’ll pray for you,” I want to mean it and do it, just like Bailey, Marissa, Cassidy, and Hannah.

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