blowout – part 2

Lazy sort that I am, I’ve been telling and replying well-wishers to check our website for updates. I realize this method of communication removes the personal touch but this might be a forgivable offense under the circumstances.

I’ll see an orthopedic surgeon tomorrow morning. She’s seen the x-rays from the ER and wants to “let the wound settle down” before doing the repair surgery on Thursday. That seems a long way off! I’m eager to get on with the healing process, which in my mind doesn’t start until then. A June 9 departure for a*-planned New England road trip dangles “get well soon” in front of us! (*Planning a trip on gave us great rates for car rental and motels, but also required up-front payment and no refunds. Plus, we will spend time with John and Rachel in Philadelphia at the end of our trip.)

Mauri is still quite sore and he plans to take a peek under his bandages today. Daughter-in-law Erin knows about this kind of injury from her master’s degree studies and is giving good advice. He’s talking about taking a ride today but his thinking is clearly muddled by the sunshine pouring in our window.

mauri in the sun

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1 Response to blowout – part 2

  1. Erin says:

    Mauri must have hit his head w/o realizing it… although a ride might not be a bad thing – getting some good blood flowing to those areas might help with healing!

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