Pete's nametagNearly every day I find some reason to be thankful for our blended family. Today’s reminder came in the form of this picture I found as part of a growing collection in my iPhoto library. I took it of our son Pete’s nametag that he wore at a Thanksgiving service at Bauman Auditorium in 2004. Everyone was asked to answer a question to be used in the let’s-get-to-know-
each-other element of the service. Pete answered “Where do you fit in your family’s birth order?”

We never try to forget what was; in fact we do what we can to honor and remember our original families. And whenever possible, we celebrate who we are now–an uncommonly good blended family.

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2 Responses to blended

  1. Jason says:

    Leave it to Pete to lighten the mood with the truth 🙂

  2. Ridge says:

    You ARE blessed….and I’m still waiting for the adoption papers to come thru so I can be a Macy too!

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