getting started – sm

Blog—I’ve only known this word about a year, maybe less. But here I am, joint owner of a Web site and the co-administrator of a blog. I guess people of my advancing age can still try to keep up with the times, still be patient with our own technophobias, still release our tightly held privacy, and still expand our vision for the possible. I often refer to Paul, my first husband, when I express my amazement at all that’s happened in the years since he died in 1993. He and I never said the words Internet or email to each other. Faxes had been around only a short time. And now! only 12+ years later I can type the words dowel curtain hardware into a search engine and after several clicks and several days receive at my door four finials (decorative posts) and four brackets purchased online with my credit card! And here I am with a blog. Who’d’a thought? I wonder what will amaze me in another 12+ years.

This is my first post so I’ll make it brief. I look forward to this little adventure and I’m excited to see for myself what it turns out to be. So here goes!

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3 Responses to getting started – sm

  1. Jason says:

    Well I get to be the first commenter to welcome you to the wonderful world of blogs! I hope you enjoy your space to write, and the (sometimes too technical) tech support I provide 😉

  2. kathy says:

    Hey, welcome to the virtual community called blogland. It was nice of AJ to point you out. I’m trying to place the picture – somewhere near Champoeg I think. Very cool you’re doing this together. k

  3. Cherice says:

    I vote for the picture being somewhere out by King’s Grade Rd…makes me nostalgic for Newberg! I’ve been biking around Princeton but it’s just not the same… =) Good to hear your voices in blog-land.

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