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Here’s an exciting announcement!

Big Brother

Will announces for his parents, Pete and Linsey Macy, an expected arrival in late November. All is well. So before the end of the year we’ll be grandparents again—times two! Yippee!

— — — — — — —

2015-Ben and bass

It was fun to note that Ben is fishing again. It’s been a long time.


It must have something to do with this.

— — — — — — —

I saw these cuties on Facebook and had to grab the pictures (with permission) to share with you.

2015-RileyReganmemorial day

Regan and Riley (or Riley and Regan) are the daughters of Tara—sister to our Beth—and Juan.

2015-ReganRiley memorial day

They’ll be three (years old) in July and are, as you can see, perfectly adorable.

— — — — — — —


I love our country, despite its current state. I appreciate the sacrifices others made to give us the freedoms we still enjoy.

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we saw bailey graduate

I suppose I should unpack my suitcase and get the laundry started. But sometimes I do what I want to do before what I should do. Not you, though. I’m sure.

We traveled down to Phoenix to take part in as many graduation events as we could, inveterate party animals that we are.

2015-05-15 19.47.20

Taylor and Beth came over from Goodyear (an hour away) to welcome us to Arizona. T is showing off his speedy recovery from ACL patellar graft surgery.

2015-05-15 16.29.17

Open house prep was well underway.

Of all days for Quinn to be immersed in party prep, she and her industrious family cleaned the house top to bottom (not that it is ever actually dirty) for two showings to potential buyers. Mauri and I did our part by vamoosing. By the end of the day they had two offers and are now under contract!


The Anderson family at the open house. Since four families went together to throw the party, the Kellys’ house was packed with people and good food and lots of celebration joy.


I can never resist a photo booth op.


2015-05-17 19.24.46

Sunday is a day for hanging by the pool, or in Tucker’s case, in the pool.

2015-05-18 09.32.36

Dry, he looks a bit bigger. Still only 5 months old and very much a puppy. Don’t even think about leaving your shoes on the floor.

Sunday is also a day for church! Oh, how I love the Andersons’ church—Redemption Gateway! Here’s the sermon we heard—a visiting pastor from the Redemption Church in Tempe.


Monday night was baccalaureate (yes, I’ve finally learned to spell baccalaureate without looking it up). Only parents are invited, but we’ll get to see the video eventually.

Baccalaureate-Mike Paasch

One of the Gilbert Christian High School teachers sent this pic to Quinn and Dusty, so of course I’m going to share it with you—they’re playing/singing “All the Poor and Powerless.” Friends Bailey and Tanner, the guitarists, will both attend Dordt College in the fall and play football for the Defenders.


These guys invited us out to their place for brunch on Tuesday. Well, it was a feast, let me tell you! And so much fun to see them living the real life, the good life.


Can you believe this kitchen?


And this is their entry! That’s Mauri sitting on the only piece of “furniture” in that huge hall, known at least for now as the throne room.

2015-05-19 12.02.05

Just talkin’ on the phone. On the throne. Ahem.


It’s a Crown Royal throne, and to be honest, I have no idea what that means. I’ve heard of Royal Crown Cola. . .

Taylor’s been eyeing this throne in his friend Jason’s showroom. When Jason cleared his showroom to move to Tahoe, ownership of the throne transferred to T. I do believe, though, that his placement of the throne is a temporary arrangement.


We toured the perimeter of their home to see in-progress improvements, such as the gravel beds and new plantings.


All that curbing around the house is new, and the irrigation system.


And the CrossFit gym Taylor built in their RV garage.


Beth gets up early every morning to work out, modified for her “delicate condition,” before heading to work. She’s a radiologic technologist.



Breathe later.

Around the table before graduation, Quinn invited us adults to share what we remember about our high school graduation. Very little, it turns out. Maybe in thirty years Bailey can refer to this blogpost as a memory jog.


And finally it was time to get ready for the big event.


The mom was holding it together pretty well, but on the inside she grieves a little bit with every “last” associated with this transitional time. We spend 18 years raising a child to be independent, and then when that plays out in successful reality, we’re the ones who aren’t ready. Of course they aren’t truly independent until they are making their own way in the world. So take heart, Quinn, he’ll still come home and he’ll still let you make him a sandwich.

2015-05-23 09.04.59


The big moment!


Followed by kudos.


And a camera full of hug pictures. (I’ll spare you.)


Jordan graduated too. They have matching stoles and honor cords. I could list the significance but that might be considered bragging, and I shy away from that.


I dared to note that we’d be doing this again in two years with Marissa.


Here we are, the whole famdamily! Dusty’s parents, Neil and Randee, on the left. It was all over but the shouting.


But wait! There was a little more shouting to do before we headed back to Oregon. Randee and I thought Cassidy’s last day of elementary school deserved attention too. Guh and I represented the clan while Quinn went with Dusty for a medical test. The day began with the awards assembly, where Cassidy was unexpectedly given a Spanish-use award relating to her many trips to Juarez, Mexico.


Spanish teacher Mrs. Briggs, along with a growing number of teachers, administration, and students, have taken part in the house-building missions like the ones Mauri and I join at Thanksgiving. Once you go, it’s hard to not go back!

2015-05-21 09.07.01

Out on the field the whole school cheers for the symbolic release of the 5th graders to middle school.


Both Bailey and Marissa participated in a “crossing the bridge” ceremony at their school in Colorado when moving up to middle school, so they recreated a similar event for Cass. I kind of love this action photo snapped by Randee while I videoed the event for the parents.

And this concludes the reporting of yet another memorable time with one branch of our family. You might already guess there will be more to come as the summer progresses.

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this is what happens

This is what happens when I am allowed access to the Macy family photo albums.

Truth is, I’ve had access for more than twenty years but have recently had good purpose for invading them. I’m grateful the Macys saw value in recording the day-to-day events of their family life–for more reasons than my entertainment. They are a treasure in many ways and will be for years to come.

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first and last

Grandson Bailey hadn’t become part of my life as he headed out the door for his first first day of school. But I won’t let that little detail stop me from sharing this fun two-photo series of his first day of school (of the first year he joined our family) and his last day of high school, which was today.

B first day of school_Snapseed

B-last day of school

What a great “kid” he is!

I remember the first time I met him. His daddy was showing me his office in Denver, and Bailey happily hurried ahead to hold open each of the doors for us to walk through.

But I’m not the only one who took note of his good nature. At the Gilbert Christian High School awards ceremony last week, Bailey was chosen Senior Student of the Year. The plaque reads: “In recognition of Christ-like character, excelling in academics, and a positive influence among his peers.”

Com’on! I’m his grandmother; you can’t expect me to be humble about that! Oh, and did I mention he was also awarded Athlete of the Year?

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my four mothers

Not everyone can boast they have four mothers. More clearly I should say I’ve had four mothers. No, that’s not right either—I’ve been blessed with four mothers, one still living.

2015-05-10 14.36.01 HDR

The one still living will be 96 years old on the 19th! We spent part of the afternoon with Edna, Mauri’s first wife’s mother who became my mother when I became Mauri’s second wife. She has always loved me (and I her) and treated me as her own. I recognized and commented on her corsage. Every Mothers Day she takes it out of its box and wears it proudly in memory of her daughter, Margaret-Rose, who gave it to her a long time ago for Mothers Day.

2015-05-10 15.04.16

While we were there this young one brought his brand new kitten to her room to show her. He is the son of one of Mom’s caregivers.

2015-05-10 14.58.49

He passed Oliver along to Edna, whose attention quieted his cries immediately. She has the touch.


Hazel is the the counterpart to Edna—Mauri’s mother. She raised two rambunctious boys and now wears a crown of stars for the accomplishment.


This is my first MIL, Florence. She’s the one in the middle, wearing red. She shares the limelight with her sisters Hazel (on the left) and Melba (on the right). Other sisters not pictured were Ruth, Signe, and Grace. Imagine raising six daughters! Florence felt blessed to raise one son, who grew up and married me.

1987-Winifred Nill Wyoming MI for Ben's graduation

While I love and honor all of my mothers, this is the one who gave me life. She passed along to me many of her traits, most of them I’m glad to carry on, maybe even pass along.

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show n tell in the park

On Sunday we enjoyed our season finale of the Macy Family Dinner. I should explain that, though we call it the Macy family dinner, we also have Hatches and McIndoos who hang on our local family tree. All put together, 22 of us plus the matriarch—96-year-old Edna—live in the Newberg area. That alone is call for a monthly celebration of the clan! And we continue to carry out the tradition of everyone bringing a one-minute show ’n’ tell. It’s been fun over the years to watch the littles grow into the tradition, starting out very shy and becoming confident show-ers and tellers.

We usually gather in the church social hall. But because it was our finale we decided to make the most of the glorious summerish weather that day and eat outside at Memorial Park. Almost everyone came, and for some reason we had the whole park shelter to ourselves. I took a bunch of pictures, but I’ll share my favorite two—of Sage’s show ’n’ tell.

2015-05-03 14.15.06

We were all curious what she’d pull out of that bag.

2015-05-03 14.15.20

The bobbleheads of her parents, decor at their wedding more than ten years ago! Sage didn’t just show them, she told us all about them.

You should join us sometime. I wonder what you’ll bring for your show ’n’ tell.

PS: Here’s mine.

2015-05-08 22.10.24

Photobooth snaps from the wedding I attended in DC. The telling included my whole trip, a challenge to fit into one minute.

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time with RJO

My phone didn’t cooperate in navigating me from the wedding brunch / gender reveal party in Virginia to Webster Street in Philadelphia. So I followed signs to I-495 then to I-95 and used the rental car’s GPS (which I didn’t pay for because I have a phone that does that) to get me the rest of the way by some convoluted route. I’ve since wised up and downloaded the WAZE app, which I’m sure will treat me better when I head back down the road tomorrow to catch my return flight in DC.

2015-04-27 10.44.42

My four days here with Rachel, John, and Oscar have been hard and wonderful all at the same time. Wonderful because I love these guys and enjoy their company. Wonderful to lend a hand where needed, wonderful to start a book project with Rachel, wonderful to chauffeur her on the wild and crazy streets of Philadelphia (pain meds make driving unsafe), wonderful to be part of a short visit from Taylor and Beth, wonderful to eat John’s cooking, wonderful to hear six-year-old Oscar read. Just all-around wonderful.

2015-04-27 18.23.44

Of course the hard part is that Rachel is so sick. Her lovely smile belies the pain behind it, which is with her constantly, even with the pharmaceuticals. Next Tuesday she begins ongoing three-week cycles of chemo (week on, week on, week off, etc), a kinder chemical than before that won’t take her hair or make her as sick. The goal is to shrink the nodes that press on nerves, and therefore reduce her pain.

2015-04-27 18.55.16

A little after-dinner I Spy.

2015-04-27 18.12.19

Of course that was after the champion puzzler Oscar (and I) put together the puzzle.

2015-04-27 21.45.43

Yoda listens intently to Mauri’s newly recorded “Just a Closer Walk.”  We’ll have to ask him to write a review.

2015-04-28 09.15.15

Oscar is also a great builder of all things Lego and Transformer and Hero Factory and who can name all those small-boy creatures?


I was promised a morning before-school family photo, so I held up publishing this post to include it here. Please remember to pray for this dear family. You could pray for the rest of us too.

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