a Juarez story

Quinn’s friend Karen wrote and posted on Facebook this (short) article about the ministry in Juarez—both for the babies and the house building. You might want to take a look.

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spanish cooking lessons

Our grandkids Bailey and Marissa have already learned enough Spanish to be conversation interpreters in Juarez. Here are some projects they did for school.

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water color

When brother Howard posted some watercolor paintings on Facebook I was surprised on closer evaluation to see that they were produced with an iPhone/iPad app called waterlogue.

Cheap entertainment—$2.99!

Painted in Waterlogue

Painted in Waterlogue

OK and Sage

Not too many years ago I tried my hand at actual watercolor painting. Please note: none of my art will be displayed on this blog.

Painted in Waterlogue

I think I’ll leave real paint for the experts.

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pie, oh my!

Yesterday I carried a flattened cardboard box to the recycle Dumpster in the office parking lot when what to my wondering eyes should appear but a wall of ripe blackberries. Nostalgia hit me between the eyes, and my mother was sending me into the house to get a bowl. I had to remind her that I was “on the clock” and could pick for only 10 minutes.

At 5 o’clock I was back at the bushes with pie on my mind.


I didn’t have to twist Ruby’s arm to pick with me. Of course two-year-olds pop more berries in their mouths than in the bowl.


Looks like a pie to me.


Most would wait until the filling cooled and set. No time for that.

Just like Mother used to make.

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visitors from arizona

The MacDonalds, Craig and Pam, think camping in the teardrop Craig built is the very best vacation. This alone proves we come from different planets.


I mean, it’s cute and all, and look, it even has a microwave! But where do they put their California king inflatable mattress with pillow top?

Even though I don’t understand this, I sure love these otherwise normal people.




They’re welcome to visit us any time. We offer them our guest room, but they always decline in favor of . . . you know.

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meet the zanders

For a retired man, Mauri had a busy work day. This morning he played for the memorial service of a woman who lived 108 years. From the church we went directly to the wedding of friends held in a beautiful Chehalem Valley vineyard.




The setting was spectacular, as you can see.



He was the only one in the shade. He led us in three hymns as part of the ceremony.


Meet Jeremy and Bethany Zander!





It was a perfect afternoon. Congratulations to the happy bride and groom!

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there were people there

“Will there be people there?”

It might surprise you that Mauri and I are both introverts. Whenever we consider whether or not to attend a social event, these are the first words out of his mouth. We both love people, but in small doses. . .and with breaks in between.


We didn’t consider the St. Paul Rodeo, an annual event one town over, a social event. But as we waited in a long (long) traffic line well outside the small town (fewer that 400 residents), we spoke out another often-asked question: “Are we going to see anyone we know?”


We certainly had enough opportunity! It felt almost like a stampede on a hunt for food.



In the stands, to the right…


…to the left. And not a single familiar face. Until…


Jackie and Naivit came and sat down right in front of us!


We saw some of this too. It was very entertaining! The animals won in nearly every respect, though the humans took the prizes. We marveled at some exceptional horse riding and cow roping. We chuckled when the commenter asked: “Can you bully a bull?”


This isn’t something you see every day. Bobby Kerr and his remarkable mustang.

Even though we headed for our car during the fireworks show, we still found ourselves in gridlock. But Mauri, who’s been riding the back roads around St. Paul for many years, got us home in record time.

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