love to be love

I’m happy to report that Mauri has felt up to being back in the studio. I guess he had “that song” in his head and needed to record a demo. Here, have a listen:

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#tbt for rachel (et al)

Dear Rachel,

Since it’s Throwback Thursday, I thought I’d post some archival Macy family pictures to cheer and entertain you.


Here’s a good place to start. It’s a picture I took of your family when I visited from Michigan in 1990.


We’ll jump around some chronologically. This one goes back to 1983 and was taken for the church directory.


Your pop took this keeper and named it “MacyThreeCleanedUp.”


I scanned these next few pics from slides of your parents’ courtship and early married years. Could be you haven’t ever seen them.


Isn’t this the coolest shot? Taken down in the basement of the church where your pop later served in ministry for 33 years!


From the look in her eye, I’m guessing your dad was behind the camera.




Buried in school work.


A graduate from Elmhurst College in Illinois.


A big day for your mom!


Shhhhhh. Baby’s sleeping. That’s you, of course.



You probably figured I’d have a series in this collection.

Had enough? OK, here are some more recent ones.



Getting ready then posing just before your wedding reception guests started arriving. Of course you had eloped to Jamaica weeks before this special event. Maybe I should do a post of only pictures of that night. It was so much fun!

Maybe just a few more . . . of your brothers.

Father's Day:02

2002—Fathers Day

Pete, John, Titan

They still love to sing and play, but they don’t have as much discretionary time as they used to have.

Feel better now? Sure hope so. Love you.

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i only have two stories. . .this one from a recent retreat

You are used to reading my posts. So for this one I’ll ask you to adjust your frame of reference to a man named Mauri.

It was Friday night…we’d been arriving thru the late afternoon and evening – no supper, so the first time together was the evening gathering. The eighty-five or so men seemed to enjoy being together and sang like it…’nothing quite like men’s voices, and since leading the songs was my assignment, I’ll admit to being a little relieved—unknown group and all.

There was some other talk-talk in the meeting before the speaker…and with him quite a bit more…talk—don’t remember much of it (even tho’ paying careful attention and digging into the youVersion/iPhone Bible when needed). Somewhere near the end there was the familiar promise of just one more story…a reminiscence from the speaker’s years-ago tenure as a youth pastor (that’s – years ago…probably near the same time I was a youth pastor).

His story setting was nighttime on a San Diego beach (up here we have the coast…not so much in California) – with the youth group around a bonfire. At some point one of the kids said, “I did it. I finally wrote that song,” and then sang it. Only one line remained in our speaker’s memory… “the day you no longer burn with love, many others will die of the cold.”

I know that song. From wherever I’d wandered…I was suddenly re…focused. I know that song…and for a long time. I googled the lyric with my iPhone “Bible” and it took me to Francois Mauri*ac (*so’s you don’t miss it) who wrote those words and also to an eponymous album “Random Sample” recorded in the early ’70s by a San Diego-based group called…Random Sample.

It was in the spring of ’72 Margaret-Rose and I went to the Philips Auditorium in Denver where a group called…Random Sample was singing at a Saturday night Youth For Christ rally. You might remember those…rallies. A near hootenanny with at least three acoustic guitars (one a D12/35 Martin), Random Sample was good/memorable—smooth vocals – predictable harmonies…and the lead singer was the guy from the San Diego beach – either Ted Limpic or his brother Gerry. I’m not sure which – but he had a clear voice and played the big Martin like crazy. And one of the songs…the one I never forgot, was the song the retreat speaker quoted…“Love to be Love.”

Don’t you like the way life circles around sometimes? And the men sang that song together the next evening.

(There are a couple of sub-stories…one about Ted/Gerry – the other about the Martin D12/35)

Ted Limpic went on to be a life-long missionary with Campus Crusade in South America and then Spain. Gerry did some other recording (one or two albums) and may still be a minister of music in Southern California. I’m betting Ted wrote/played the song:
The day you no longer burn with love…
many others will die____of the cold. (from Mauriac)
Love was not placed in our hearts to stay
Love to be love must be given away…(kind of a Malvina Reynolds reference)

MMR copy

A Martin D12/35 was my first good guitar. I’d been playing for four or five years…mostly on a six-string nylon bought with some college graduation money – and by anyone’s estimation still a fledgling player. The leap from 6-string nylon (playing mostly bar chords) to a 12-string steel was gargantuan…insurmountable. So the very day we went to see Random Sample was also the very day I sold my beautiful (if unplayable…by me) D12/35…only to see one of the Limpic bro’s playing one just like it so very well that very evening. Ironical.

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go duke

Today being Ben’s birthday and the start of March Madness motivates me to post a couple of pictures of my son back in the days we lived in Durham, North Carolina, and Paul worked for Duke University—thus beginning our family’s undying loyalty to the Duke Blue Devils.

Ben Durham Boys Choir at Duke Chapel

This is the Durham Boys Choir posing in front of Duke Chapel prior to their annual concert. Let’s just say that any group of singers will sound good in that acoustic hall.

Ben singing in Durham Boys Choir_Snapseed

Here’s my boy singing his little heart out. It was Christmastime and both sets of grandparents joined us from the North and the South for this memorable event.

We are diehard Duke fans, but I might have chosen Kentucky to take top billing on one of my March Madness brackets. But you won’t tell my family, will you?

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mama’s helper revisited

We’ve had an interesting week here at the Macy house, Mauri’s recovery from back surgery the featured event. Getting sick myself wasn’t exactly part of the plan, but all things considered we’re faring well enough. So while Mauri is distracted with an exciting Duke game, I’ll share one of my favorite series. Ready?

1955-Sharon age 10 helping in the kitchen 1121 E Forest Dr Wheaton IL

Here I am in 1955, age 10, helping my mama with the dishes.


Here’s my daughter, Quinn, at about the same age helping me with the dishes.


Here’s Quinn’s daughter Cassidy helping her mama with the dishes. Hmmm. It isn’t exactly the same experience, is it?

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happy news

And now, it’s time for some very happy news.


Makes me want to skip rope!

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We were just sitting (well, I was sitting, Mauri was lying) in Room 947, his home away from home, when the nurse came in and announced we could go home! All of the necessary criteria had been accomplished, and we were good to go—a day early! We both took that as happy news. So we wasted only a little time throwing our stuff in a bag (Ha! Who am I kidding? One of us sat on the side of the bed; the other did the throwing) and hit the road for a pleasant 45-minute Saturday afternoon drive to Newberg.

2015-03-07 17.23.32

Once the patient was settled in his comfy recliner, where he can watch his games while he sleeps, I headed to Walgreens. During the wait for scripts to be filled, I texted our surprising whereabouts to a few. All things considered, he’s doing great! That doesn’t mean he’s feeling great, but that will come in time.

2015-03-06 20.03.12

And thanks to all who care about my dear man and have prayed and inquired about his progress. It helps a lot!

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